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Vioxx Litigation
Heart Attack and Stroke

The Cartwright Law Firm (TCLF) helped broker the biggest settlement in the history of drug litigation for as many as 20,000 plaintiffs nationwide that were injured or killed after ingesting Vioxx, an anti-inflammatory medication that was made and marketed by Merck. Robert Cartwright and Matthew Quinlan served on the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee for the California coordinated actions, which consists of several thousand plaintiffs, several dozen of whom are represented by TCLF. TCLF was one of the first firms in the country to file a products liability suit against Merck, et. al., in 2002.



Deck Collapse

Plaintiff fractured her femur when a deck upon which she was standing collapsed injuring her, as well as numerous other persons and killing one person. Combined judgment for all plaintiffs was in excess of $12 million. Plaintiff sued the landlord claiming negligent maintenance and construction of the deck.



Vehicular Collision

Wrongful death of 89 year old plaintiff ($2.5 million) and traumatic brain injury to plaintiff occupant ($2.5 million)



Failure to
accommodate a disability

Employer refused to make reasonable accommodation for disabled employee plaintiff.



Carpal Tunnel

Multiple flight attendants sued multiple manufacturers in connection with hand, wrist and arm injuries, primarily carpal tunnel syndrome, related to these food and beverage carts manufactured by a German manufacturer.



Sexual Harassment

Plaintiff sexually harassed and pursued by supervisor.



Will Contest
Trust Litigation
Breach of Contract

Plaintiff, in a cross complaint alleged her uncle failed to execute a Will based upon a promise he made to her while still alive. Plaintiff sued to reform the Will. Defendant countersued claiming she was not entitled to funds contained in the decedent’s bank accounts. She was a joint tenant. This settlement was a post-tax amount.



Wrongful Death
Big Rig Collision

Plaintiffs were the wife and three children of a truck driver who was killed in a head-on collision with another big rig. Plaintiff alleged the opposing driver was negligent in handling his tractor trailer rig, which when he lost control on wet pavement, then skidded into the oncoming lane.



Seat Belt Injury

Plaintiff claimed major abdominal injuries “chance” fracture related to injuries sustained by a lap only seat belt. The case was brought against the manufacturer of the automobile.